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It is included with your order confirmation to be automatically downloaded.

Please check your email.

It is included with your subscription confirmation to be automatically downloaded.

Please check your email.

It is included with your subscription order confirmation to be automatically downloadable.

Please check your email.

If it is not found, please let us know and we will resend it manually.

We will register your readiness in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Later on, detailed data will be added by you or by us as your accountant.

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No. We send an application to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. If they don’t have any questions, the VAT number will be registered. If they have some questions they will contact you and with us if we are already your contact person.

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They are different options out there, we offer a juridical option.


If there are some letters per year we will scan or onward them for free and charge only posting costs. We don’t wrestle with small packages, right now.

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It’s real.

In the steady concrete building.

Estonian Business Registry (and payment solution providers, banks, etc) don’t accept “not real” or “virtual addresses”.

If an association is established in the e-environment of the Estonian Business Register, no documents will be received on paper immediately. Each founder can download and print copies of the commercial register free of charge.

If there is a need to use these papers abroad, they must be legalized through the apostille. In Estonia, all organizations check the data through the e-environment in the commercial register.

After ordering the accounting and the contract has been made, you will be sent a personal e-mail address. All source documents must be sent there.

They are checked and uploaded to the accounting software if appropriate.

Establishing a company in the Estonian Business Register e-environment there is no need to present address proofs.

At the same time, the official may ask for proof of affiliation with the address. You can then show the document, the address proof certificate.

It must be remembered that before finalizing the company formation application, the data submitter confirms its accuracy.

Submission of false information, which is also, for example, submission of an address to which there is no right, is a criminal offense under the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

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