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It is included with your subscription confirmation to be automatically downloaded.

Please check your email.

After we receive the order and get payment, the contact person is ready to sign in as the contact person for your company in the Estonian Commercial Registry.

Usually, it will be done within 24 hours.

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They are different options out there, we offer a juridical option.


Establishing a company in the e-register the contact person needs to be added by the establisher/s.

After adding it, the contact person confirms it in the same environment. If the company is founded by a notary, the contact person gives a digitally signed confirmation as a separate document or gives it directly at the place to the notary.

If from us have been ordered a company formation service, we will add all data where it will be needed.

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No. But they need an Estonian address.

Nevertheless, all sole proprietors (FIE) must file an application to be entered into the commercial register before they start operating. Individuals from creative professions working on a freelance basis are subject to the same requirement.

There is no need to register separately with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, as the information about registration will be forwarded automatically.

If an e-resident registers as a sole proprietor in Estonia, it is accompanied by a commitment to pay advance payments of social tax 4 times a year. The size of advance payment actually does not depend on the size of income, it is set each year with the state budget.

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Unless the residence of at least one-half of the board members of the company is in Estonia, in another Member State of the European Economic Area or in the Swiss Confederation, the foreign company must have a local contact person.

A contact person will be registered in the Estonian Commercial Registry. A contact person must confirm his will to be a contact person.

Either directly in the e-business register or with a digitally signed consent sent to a Public Notary.

Yes, you can.

Actually, you need it before establishing a company in Estonia. Real address in Estonia and a contact person who resides in Estonia are mandatory for establishing a company if a board member or members are residing outside of Estonia.

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