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EORI number (4)

As of 1 July 2009, the EORI number must be assigned to persons whose activities are related to customs activities, ie activities related to the Customs Code and its implementing provisions.

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You can check the validity or invalidity of the EORI number on the “Confirmation of EORI Number” web site. If a person has consented to the disclosure of his / her information, the name and address of that company or person can also be searched.

Category: EORI number

Allowed are:

  • Estonian, Latvian and Finnish ID-card
  • Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile-ID
  • Estonian e-resident card

For this, you have to give us the right of representation in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

That is, either by authorizing us directly with the ID card through the Estonian Tax and Customs Board e-environment or give us the Power of Attorney.

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