Apostilled Documents


Product includes:

  • Registry card (from the Estonian Business Registry)
  • Articles of Association (from the Estonian Business Registry)
  • List of shareholders (issued by the board members by Estonian Commercial Law)


Legalizing your company documents.

We help you translate and legalize the founding documents of companies as well as non-profit organizations.

The main rule of legalization is that the procedure of legalization itself is carried out exclusively in the territory of the state where the document was issued or made legal and performed by its sworn translator.

Documents are translated by a sworn translator and if needed to be certified with Public Notary.


Apostille (7)

This package of documents will allow you, for example, to apply for opening an account with a foreign bank for your Estonian company or carry out transactions on behalf of the Estonian company in other countries.

Category: Apostille

An Apostle is a certificate that certifies the competence of the person who signs the document and makes a national public document of one country available to a foreign country that is a party to the relevant international convention (the list of the convicted states can be consulted on the convention website http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php? act = conventions.authorities & cid = 41).

Only notaries draw up public documents for the Republic of Estonia. A notary cannot certify with an apostille a document that he has certified or authenticated.

Category: Apostille

Of course, we also help with other documents: accounting documents, bills, contracts, etc. In this case, the price will be negotiated separately.

Category: Apostille


An unofficial document is not certified by a Notary. In Estonia, the list of shareholders is maintained by board members and has no official meaning. The information provided in the registry card is of official significance for the shareholders.

But we can translate it with the sworn translator.

Category: Apostille

A sample will be included with your order, which you can fill out with your details and then send it back to us.

Category: Apostille

From countries with which Estonia has a legal aid agreement, that is, there is no need for an apostille in the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine.

Category: Apostille

No. Shipping costs will be additional and will vary depending on the mode of transport that will be chosen.

Category: Apostille

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