Partner through our Affiliate Program
and generate revenue for yourself!

Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars. Joining the program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

A. Do You need to be our customer?

No, you are not required to be a customer in order to be a part of our Affiliate Program.

B. Are there any program limitations?

We have the following limitations to receiving commission:

1. The customer cannot be in an active sales process at the time of clicking on your affiliate link.

2. The customer needs to be an active customer for at least one month.

3. If we notice a program violation in the lead generation campaign, the commission won´t be paid out.

C. What are the commission rates?

Our commission rates vary depending on the product or service being referred. You can earn up to 20% commission on each sale made through your affiliate link.

Let’s say you have a blog about technology and you write a review of one of our products and include your affiliate link. One of your readers clicks on the link and purchases the product for $100. If your commission rate is 10%, you would earn $10 in commission for that sale. If you referred 10 sales per month at the same commission rate, you would earn $100 per month in additional revenue.

D. How do I track my earnings?

We provide you with a dashboard where you can track your clicks, conversions, and earnings in real time.

Joining our Affiliate Program is a great way to partner with us and generate new revenue from your content and contacts. Don’t hesitate to sign up and start earning commissions today!

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