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Customer can log into the client area and pay to renew the subscription.

All payment gateway extensions can be used to process manual renewal payments. Customer can choose a different payment method for each renewal payment.



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We have several payment solutions available.

Here they are:

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  1. The client prepares the power of attorney and has it notarized.
  2. The customer will send it to us.
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Estonia is NO. 1 most entrepreneurial country in Europe (World Economic Forum) with the world’s most digitally advanced society

  • The taxation system of Estonia is favourable because the refinanced and retained profit is not subject to the corporate income tax. All taxation can be done remotely. So do company establishment, accounting etc.
  • Secure online access to company data (legal facts, accounting, banking, taxes, etc.), allowing you to operate the company from anywhere in the world without the need for a regular physical presence in Estonia.
  • Member of the European Union
  • Member of the European Monetary Union (currency: Euro)
  • English is widely spoken
  • Transparent and attractive tax system
  • Rapid company registration and business set up
  • Easy business management via innovative e-solutions
  • Pro-business environment
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As of 1 September 2018, associations are required to submit a list of beneficial owners via the Company Registration Portal or via Notary.

Guidelines for identifiying beneficial owners

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Not all countries are countries where a certified or authenticated power of attorney is considered equivalent to an Estonian notary’s power of attorney, so it is not enough to approve the documents by apostille.

It is necessary to either produce a power of attorney in another country or go to court (§ 57 (2) of the Certification Act).

List of foreign officials whose certified or certified power of attorney is equal to the certified power of attorney of an Estonian notary.

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We offer an address in Estonia. You can submit it as your Estonian address. We also provide invoices, if necessary, that set you up with this address. An even safer option would be to establish a company in Estonia.
In this case, no one can tell you that you are not tied to Estonia. However, the link with Estonia is what Amazon just need from you. Your citizenship is not important to them.
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Yes, entering into a contract is beneficial to both sides of us, provides assurance and ensures continuity. The contract is concluded in two ways, digitally or manually signing. As is appropriate for the customer.

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In Estonia yes. To obtain the crypto license you’ll need to have a company and provide the required documentation. It’s strongly advised to register an Estonian company, as the government is not very keen on issuing licenses to foreign entities.

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If the bank does not accept to open your account, you will receive a 50% refund if you have ordered help for opening a bank account in Estonia.

What to keep in mind is that Estonian banks do not open an account without meeting you. However, for example, you can open an account (LHV Bank) remotely if you already have an account in that bank.

Alternative solutions are Transferwise, Monese, Revolut and so on.

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No hidden fees

  • No per-minute charges
  • No cancellation fees
  • No activation fees
  • No setup fees
  • No deposit
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The office hours are from 9 AM – 5 PM on weekdays where you are free to schedule a visit or check in and enjoy the rented space.

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Since we offer services, not a commodities, it is generally not possible. Exceptionally, for example, if a service has not yet been provided, cancellation of the order is possible.

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To provide contact person services there is a need for a licence, we have that. Virtual Office in Estonia has a licence (licence no FIU000051) to be an authorized contact person in Estonia. The licence is provided by Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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It depends on the package selected. There is a legal address for a company or private person. But also contact person service, document samples, help with establishing a company in Estonia, companies from self, bookkeeping services etc. For details, see the specific service.

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  • A Virtual Office in Estonia gives You all the benefits of a prime Tallinn location without the need to actually be there and without a cost of renting property or office.
  • Virtual Office gives You a Tallinn central area address which You can use on your letterhead, website and other communications.
  • The real address and physical presence in the country for correspondence, not just a PO Box. A post can be held or re-directed to You.
  • Virtual Office address is mandatory by Estonian Commercial code for establishing a company in Estonia.
  • The service is also suitable for e-residents that want to establish their company in Estonia and need a legal address. The e-residency program allows anyone in the world to apply for digital identity and legally operate a business virtually based in Estonia, an EU member since 2004.
  • We offer also contact person service, help with establishing a company, bookkeeping, applying for VAT etc.
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