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Besides, it’s mandatory to have an address for establishing a company in Estonia it also gives you a physical business address and office number for your business cards, website, and email and registering a new company. It increases your professionalism and credibility as a business and makes you more approachable to potential clients.

Also please keep in mind that it’s actually a real physical address not so called imaginary virtual address. We just call it like this


But contact us and we’ll find a solution.

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In Tallinn city center, Juhkentali 8, Tallinn 10132.

The order confirmation will send you links, one of which is related to the sample invoice.

Please click on the link, download a sample invoice and modify it according to your needs.

One of the parts of the order confirmation email looks like this:

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It is included with your order confirmation to be automatically downloaded.

Please check your email.

It is included with your subscription order confirmation to be automatically downloaded.

Please check your email.

Not immediately.

However, since this is a sample and in the Docx format, you can add your own name there.

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If there are some letters per year we will scan or onward them for free and charge only posting costs. We don’t wrestle with small packages, right now.

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If the company already exists, the decision of the shareholder or shareholders to change the address and contact person must also be included in the business register. If the registry area changes, the articles of association must also be changed.

We can help you with the right documents.

It’s real.

In the steady concrete building.

Estonian Business Registry (and payment solution providers, banks, etc) don’t accept “not real” or “virtual addresses”.

Yes, please contact us for a special payment possibility.

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When establishing a company in the Estonian Commercial Register e-environment, the address must be added by the establisher or establishers. The address will appear on the company foundation decision, the articles of association as well as on the registry card.

The software ensures that only real addresses can be added. When establishing with a notary, the address of your company must be notified to the notary.

Instructions on how to add an address in the business register will be automatically sent with your order confirmation.


Put contact us and we will some solution.


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Establishing a company in the e-environment of the Estonian Commercial Business Register does not need to present address proofs.

At the same time, the official may ask for proof of affiliation with the address. You can then show the document, the address proof certificate.

Yes, a state fee must be paid. Information on where, how much, and to whom the information is submitted in the Estonian Business Register e-environment in the final phase of submitting the application.

Without payment of the state fee, the application will not be processed.

If there will be some obstacles, we can help with payment, free of charge.

Yes. The more expensive package will then be deducted by the cost of the previously paid package.

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Because we provide an address service and we have more than one customer, the address is of course not unique.

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