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VAT number (5)

The VAT registration obligation in Estonia arises from the moment when the company’s sales turnover exceeds 40 000 EUR per the calendar year.

At the same time, the company may apply for VAT status before it reaches this amount.

The VAT number registration can be initiated after you’ve registered your company.

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Allowed are:

  • Estonian, Latvian and Finnish ID-card
  • Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile-ID
  • Estonian e-resident card

For this, you have to give us the right of representation in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

That is, either by authorizing us directly with the ID card through the Estonian Tax and Customs Board e-environment or giving us the Power of Attorney.

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In order to be registered as a VAT payer, the person must prove to the Tax and Customs Board that he or she is engaged in business in Estonia or is about to commence business in Estonia.

‘Engaged in business’ means actual economic activity commenced, but also a business plan worked out and making investments for the commencement of business.

The Tax and Customs Board shall have the right to request that the person submit additional proof or collect such proof on its own initiative. The proof is any information confirming that the applicant has either commenced business at the place of business stated in the application or has planned to start a business. Such proof can be, for example, preliminary contracts, (commercial lease, procurement, delivery, employment, etc.) contracts, sites for work to be performed, etc.

Category: VAT number

No. Depend on Tax official. It will be evaluated case by case. In practice, if you do not have an account with an Estonian bank, you will not receive a VAT number.

Category: VAT number

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