PEP Policy

Under Estonian legislation, we’re required to know whether our customers are considered PEPs.

However, being a PEP does not automatically prevent you from being our customer. We just need to know.A politically exposed person (PEP) is an individual who is or has been entrusted in the past 12 months with a prominent public function. Family members and close business associates of PEPs are also considered PEPs themselves.

Examples of politically exposed positions include:

  • Head of State, Head of Government, Minister, Deputy or Assistant Minister
  • A Member of Parliament or of similar legislative bodies
  • A member of the governing bodies of political parties
  • A member of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, or any other similar judicial body, whose decisions may not, except in exceptional cases, be appealed
  • A member of the Supreme Audit Institution of the Court of Auditors and the State Audit Office
  • A member of the Governing Board of the Central Bank
  • Ambassador or trustee
  • At least as a military officer in the Armed Forces
  • A member of the administrative, management, and supervisory body of a wholly-owned State enterprise
  • Director, deputy director, and board member of international organizations
  • Member of the European Commission (EC)
  • State secretary

Due to the regulations established by the money laundering and terrorism financing prevention legislation, Company will not provide Services to politically exposed persons, persons included in the international sanctions list (, residents from the high risk third countries (

By ordering Services from us Client confirms that does not qualify to be a person listed in the above list. We have the right to terminate the Services at any time and immediately if it becomes apparent that false or falsified information has been provided to us.