Politically exposed person Policy

Under Estonian legislation, we’re required to know whether our customers are considered PEPs.

However, being a PEP does not automatically prevent you from being our customer. We just need to know.

A politically exposed person (PEP) is an individual who is or has been entrusted in the past 12 months with a prominent public function. Family members and close business associates of PEPs are also considered PEPs themselves.

Examples of politically exposed positions include:

  • Head of State, Head of Government, Minister, Deputy or Assistant Minister
  • A Member of Parliament or of similar legislative bodies
  • A member of the governing bodies of political parties
  • A member of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, or any other similar judicial body, whose decisions may not, except in exceptional cases, be appealed
  • A member of the Supreme Audit Institution of the Court of Auditors and the State Audit Office
  • A member of the Governing Board of the Central Bank
  • Ambassador or trustee
  • At least as a military officer in the Armed Forces
  • A member of the administrative, management, and supervisory body of a wholly-owned State enterprise
  • Director, deputy director, and board member of international organizations
  • Member of the European Commission (EC)
  • State secretary