KYC Policy

Before selling some selected services, by law, we are obliged and entitled to identify the Client by verifying the necessary identification documents, proof of Client residency, holdings in companies, etc.

Therefore we carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures at the time of entering into the Service and regularly thereinafter according to the law and principles set by us. We are not entitled to render the Service unless all identification and KYC requirements have been met. Should it appear after purchase on the Website, that we are not able to provide the selected service, we shall apply a credit to the Customer’s original method of payment within, a certain amount of days.

Due to the regulations established by the money laundering and terrorism financing prevention legislation, Company will not provide Services to politically exposed persons, persons included in the international sanctions list (, residents from the high risk third countries (

By ordering Services from us Client confirms that does not qualify to be a person listed in the above list. We have the right to terminate the Services at any time and immediately if it becomes apparent that false or falsified information has been provided to us.