Privacy Policy

What  is  covered  with  this  Policy  ?

We respects   the   privacy   rights   of   users   and   understands   the  importance of protecting  and  handling  information  collected  about  you  in  accordance with  both the  law  and  best  practice.

This  Privacy  and  Cookie  Policy  (“Privacy  Policy”)  tells  you  how  your information, including  your  personal  information,  is  collected,  used,  stored and  disclosed   as well  as  provides   you   information   about   your   rights   regarding   your   personal   data   and   its  processing .

This  Privacy  Policy  applies  to  information  we  collect  when  you  use  or access  our services  available   at   our   website or  when  you otherwise  interact  with  us.

Your  consent  for  processing  your  personal  data

You afree that by accesing and using our site or services you consent to collection, recording, storage, disclosure, erasure and destruction of your personal data as well as to processing pf your personal information in any other ways to the extent and for the purposes provided in this privacy policy.

You can withdraw your consent at any time, however withdrawal of your consent has no retroactive  effect.

Please bear in mind that in case you withdraw your consent for processing your personal data, we may not able to provide you the agreed Services and are forced to terminate the Contract with you; except when you withdraw only the consent for   using your data fordirect marketing, which has no influence to the Contract or ability to use our Services.

In   cases   provided   by   law,   we   are   entitled   to   process   your   personal   data   without   your consent  (e.g.  for  performance  or  for  ensuring  the performance  of the  Contract  with  you).

If  you  are  providing  information  about  another  person  you  confirm  that this other  person  has  authorized  you  to  act  for  them  and  consent  to  the processing of  their  personal  data  and  that  you  have  informed  them  of this Privacy  Policy according  to  which  their  personal  information  will  be processed.

Personal  information

When  you  register  an  Account  with  us,  as  well  as  when  you  change  your user profile  or  the   use   of   our   Services,   we   may   ask   you   to   provide   us personal   information   about   you  such   as   your   name,   e-­mail   address, phone   number,   postal   address   and   zip   code etc also credit   card   or  other billing  information (together  “personal  information”  or  “personal  data”).

Your  personal  information  is  necessary  to  enter  into  and  to  perform  the Contract  with  you,  to   identify   you   and   authorize   your   access   the   Services   as well   as   to  communicate  with  you  regarding the  Services  and  the  Contract  (e.g. to  send  you  technical  notices,   updates,   security   alerts,   support   and   administrative   messages,   purchase  confirmations   and   invoices,   respond   to   your   comments,   questions,   and   requests   and  provide  customer  service  and support).    We  also  use  your  personal  data  for  statistical  and  analytical  purposes, in  order  to  develop  our  business  processes  and  Services  accordingly.

We  may  need  to  use  your  personal  data  also  in  order  to  investigate  and prevent fraudulent transactions,  unauthorized  access  to  the  Services  or  any  other  illegal activities.

Where   you   have   agreed   or   where   the   law   permits,   we   use   your   personal   data   also   for  marketing  purposes,  e.g.  for  informing  you  periodically  about  the services  and  features,  newsletters,  offers,  events  and  other  news  or  information about  us  and  our  partners.

Automatically  collected  information

We   monitor   user   activity   in   connection   with   our   Services   and   thus   may   collect   and   log  information  about  any  actions  taken  in  connection  with  the access  and  use  of  your  Content  in   our   Services,   including   information   about   the   applications   and   features   you   use,   the  websites   you   visit   and   the   files   or   folders   you   upload,   download,   share   or   access   while  using   our   Services,   your   IP   address,   Internet   Service   Provider,   access   times   to   the  Services, browser  type  and  language  and  device  you  use  to  access  and  use  the  Services.

We  use  various  tracking  technologies  (e.g.  cookies)  to  collect  information  and distinguish  you  from  other  users  of  our  Site.  For  more  information  about cookies  and  other  tracking  technologies  please  see  the  Cookies  section  below.

Storing  of  information

Virtual Office in Estonia  is   based   in   the   Republic   of   Estonia. However, in   order   to   provide   you   with   the  Services,  we  may  store  and  process  your personal  data and  content  in  locations  around.


Cookies   are   small   data   files   sent   to   your   browser   and   stored   on   a   hard   drive   of   your computer  when  you  visit  a  website.

We   use   functionality   cookies   to   enable   the   Site   work   the   way   you   expect.   Some  functionality  cookies  are  necessary  to  enable  you  to  move  around  our  Site and  to  use  the  Services.   Other   functionality   cookies   help   us   recognize   and   remember   you   and   your  preferences  (such  as  your  language  and  region  or logged  in  state).

We  use  analytics  cookies  to  help  us  to  understand  how  you  use  our  Site. Analytics  tools  do  not  provide  us  with  any  personal  information  that  reveals your  actual  identity.  They  tell  us  things  like  how  you  arrived  at  our  Site,  if you have  visited  before,  how  long  you  stay  on  the  Site,  and  which  pages  on  the Site you  visited.  They  can  also  provide  us  with  general  information  about  where  in the  world  a  user  may  be  located.

You  can  prevent  saving  cookies  to  your  device,  by  changing  privacy  settings  of your  web browser.Please   consider   that   blocking   all   cookies   may   help   protecting   your   privacy,   but   at   thesame  time  this  may  limit  your  ability  to use  our  Services.

Your  rights  regarding  personal  data  processing

If   you   are   an   individual   user,   you   as   a   data   subject   have   certain   righwhat is   guaranteed   by  Personal  Data  Protection  Act  of  Estonia.

You  have  the  right  to  obtain  information  about  processing  your  personal  data as well  as about  personal  data  relating  to  you,  unless  such  right  is  restricted  by law.

In  case  your  personal  information  in  outdated  or  incorrect  for  any  other reason, you  havethe  right  to  demand  the  correction  of  inaccurate  personal  data concerning  you.

In  case  processing  of  your  personal  data  is  not  permitted  on  the  basis  of  law, you  havethe  right  to  demand  termination  of  the  processing  of  your  personal data  as  well  as  deletionor  closure  of  the  collected  personal  data.

You   have   the   right   to   withdraw   the   consent   given   to   us   for   personal  data processing   at  any  time,  including  your  right  to  prohibit,  at  all  times,  the processing  of  your  personal  data  for  the  purposes  of  research  of  consumer habits  or  direct  marketing,  and  communication  of  data  to  third  persons  who intend  to  use  such  data  for  the  research  of  consumer  habits  or   direct marketing.   However,     the   withdrawal   of   the   consent   has   no   retroactive   effect.  Also,  the  withdrawal  does  not  exclude  our  right  to  continue  processing of your  personal  data  for  meeting  the  requirements  of  legal  acts  or  for performing the  contract  concluded  with  you.

Changes  to  the  Policy

We   may   change   this   Privacy   Policy   from   time   to   time.   The   most   current   version   of   the  Privacy   Policy   is   available   on   our   Site   together   with   the   date   of   last   update.   In   case   of  material  changes  we  will  notify  our  users about  the  upcoming  changes  through  our  Site  and/or  via  e-­mail.