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If you want to live and work in Estonia, you must submit your permanent local address to the Population Register of Estonia.

You will not have access to Estonian health insurance, social support, and the right to use many other public services without having your data in the register. So, when moving, always update your address in the register as well.

Things to bring when registering your place of residence:

  • A residence notice (filled before or on the spot). The document is only available in Estonian, but have a look at a translated example.
  • Your personal ID or a photocopy of the ID if the documents are sent by mail.
  • A copy of a document proving your residence and the right to use these premises (your tenancy agreement, for example). If the property you register to live at belongs to many owners, you must have everyone’s consent.

If you own an Estonian ID card, you can register your place of residence online via the citizen portal

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