Entrepreneurial consultations: company formation, an address and contact person services, accounting, VAT number, etc. specifically in Estonia, in EU.

IOSS number


Product includes:

  • Preparing a registration application
  • Submitting it to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Communicating with the tax inspector regarding IOSS application


  • OSS (One Stop Shop), a special VAT scheme for the transfer of goods through a service, intra-Community distance selling and online trading.
  • The implementation of the special scheme is voluntary. An alternative solution is to register the business as a taxable person in each Member State where the VAT becomes chargeable on sale to the final consumer.
  • Do give us representation rights there is a need for Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Belgium ID-Card/Estonian e-resident card/Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile-ID. If these options are not available, we can use Power of the Attorney.

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