VAT number


Product includes:

  • Preparing a registration application
  • Submitting it to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Communicating with the tax inspector regarding VAT application

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  • The VAT registration obligation in Estonia arises from the moment when the company’s sales turnover exceeds 40 000 EUR per the calendar year
  • At the same time, the company may apply for VAT status before it reaches this amount
  • The VAT number registration can be initiated after you’ve registered your company
  • Your Estonian VAT number will be automatically available in VIES for your business partners to check if needed


Is getting a VAT number guaranteed?

No. Depends on Tax official. It will be evaluated case by case. In practice, if you do not have an account with an Estonian bank, you will not receive a VAT number.

How you can apply on our behalf?

As a contact person for your company, we have the right to submit it. However, if we are not the contact person for you, we can do so through the rights you have given us in e-tax and custom board or with the power of attorney.

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