Package ONE

60.00 / year

Product includes:

  • Legal address in the city center of Tallinn, Estonia
  • Address proof certificate
  • Sample of physical presence (utility bill, co-working space lease agreement, etc.)


Price: 5 EUR / per month

  • The billing period is 12 months (one payment)
  • Total cost per annum is 60 EUR which is payable in advance and renewable each year as a subscription
  • A contract will be sent automatically to you along with your order confirmation. Please sign it and send us back
  • A manual on how to add an address for your company in the Estonian Commercial Registry will be sent automatically to you with your order confirmation
  • For establishing a company in Estonia You will need also a contact person. Please be aware that Package ONE does not include a contact person. Package TWO and Package THREE both include an address with a contact person.

Sample of a utility bill and lease contract:


Does the certificate for address give a right for a resident permit in Estonia?


How quickly we can obtain the address after making the payment?

In 24 hours.

Are the address unique for each company, or do some companies share the same legal address?

Because we provide an address service and we have more than one customer, the address is of course not unique.

Whether it provides a basis for official registration in the Estonian population register?

No. But contact us and we’ll find a solution.

Can I switch between packages? Example start with ONE and go on up to the THREE?

Yes. The more expensive package will then be deducted by the cost of the previously paid package.

I noticed that packages can only be paid by credit card and Paypal. Are there alternatives?

Yes, please contact us for a special payment possibility.

Is mail scanning and forwarding, and forwarding of small packages are also within the service?

If there are some letters per year we will scan or onward them for free and charge only posting costs. We don’t wrestle with small packages, right now.




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