Estonian SIM card


  • Prepaid credit valid for 6 months
  • No monthly fees and invoices
  • Regular SIM, Nano SIM, Micro SIM
  • Service provider: Telia
  • Works all over the World
  • You can manage it from all over the world via e-residency card


  • Pay as you go
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • SIM card activation in abroad, dial: *148#
  • There are no address requirements
  • There are no identification requirements
  • Call minutes starting from 0.00 EUR (talking to each other)
  • Fixed rates apply in all networks across the European Union
  • 4G speed internet in countries that offer 4G
  • Opening balance 1 EUR (via Telia portal can be added talk time etc.)

We can also globally sell you a calling time without logging in Telia portal, contact us.

Our advantage over competitors:

Physical real SIM card. Many service providers (Google, Linkedin etc) do not accept virtual numbers in several control systems

Fixed rates

  • Per minute rate, outgoing calls
    0.0384 EUR/min
  • Per minute rate, received calls
    0.0102 EUR/min
  • SMS
    0.012 EUR/min
  • Mobile data
    0.0052 EUR/MB

  • The prices are inclusive of VAT
  • Outgoing calls are billed in 1 second increments.
  • The call never costs more than a 30 second call.
  • Data is billed perused megabytes. Data is billed in 1 GB increments.

To view call rates outside the EU, click here.

Additional info about Estonian prepaid SIM

Estonian SIM card usage instructions


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