Formation of a nonprofit association


Product includes:

  • All founding documents
  • Government fee
  • Registration in Estonian Commercial Registry



  • Nonprofit association formation with ID-Card/e-Resident card/Mobile-ID – 90 EUR


Formation of a nonprofit association (7)

Yes, if it’s related to the purpose of a nonprofit association.

The nonprofit association can be established in Estonia remotely with ID cards (allowed are Estonian, Latvian and Finnish ID-card or Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile-ID or Estonian e-resident card)

Registration through a notary or with a power of attorney comes at different prices.

  • Nonprofit association formation via Public Notary – 190 EUR
  • Nonprofit association formation by a Power of Attorney – 390 EUR

Additional costs can be added if there is more than two establisher.

Can also be used in business, but there are differences compared to a regular company.

Requires at least 2 board members. Will go through automatic liquidation if less. Money can only be used towards the goal set in its charter. By definition, they can’t make a profit, that means you can’t take out the profit as dividends, a non-profit can only pay a salary to its employees.

But the advantages are the following, no equity.

There is no equity to claim against 🙂 if the members of the board have not shown a significant degree of negligence in the management of the non-profit organization.

Take a closer look.

Yes. There must be two founders for a non-profit organization.

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