Formation of a nonprofit association


Product includes:

  • All founding documents
  • Government fee
  • Registration in Estonian Business Registry



  • Nonprofit association (NPA) formation with ID-Card/e-Resident card/Mobile-ID – 90 EUR
  • An address service is available, our Package ONE
  • A second establisher, by the law there is a need for two establishers, can be provided, contact us
  • No starting, registration, installation, etc. fees


Formation of a nonprofit association (7)

Yes, if it’s related to the purpose of a nonprofit association.

The nonprofit association can be established in Estonia remotely with ID cards (allowed are Estonian, Latvian and Finnish ID-card or Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile-ID or Estonian e-resident card).

Registration through a notary or with a power of attorney comes at different prices.

  • Nonprofit association formation via Public Notary – 190 EUR
  • Nonprofit association formation by a Power of Attorney – 390 EUR

Yes. There must be two founders for a non-profit organization.

If an association is established in the e-environment of the Estonian Business Register, no documents will be received on paper immediately. Each founder can download and print copies of the commercial register free of charge.

If there is a need to use these papers abroad, they must be legalized through the apostille. In Estonia, all organizations check the data through the e-environment in the commercial register.

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