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Applicants must have access to “Submit a VAT registration application”.

In order to grant access, the authorized person must enter the e-MTA as a representative and select “Settings”> “Access Rights”> “Representative Access Rights”.

On the Access Rights Administration page, you must enter the user ID of the user to be authorized and select “Access to VAT registration” under the “Individual rights” section.

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After payment, we will send you questions that you need to answer. We fill in all the necessary forms. If you are an e-resident you can digitally authorize us to submit the application on behalf of the company. If you are not an e-resident you need to come to Tallinn or authorize our representative to act on behalf of the company. We send the application to the tax office. If they have additional questions, we help with the answers.

Category: Tax
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The standard rate of VAT is 20%, the reduced rate is 9% and 0% in some cases.

The taxable period is one calendar month, and VAT returns must be submitted to the tax authority by the 20th day of the month following the taxable period.

Usually, Tax and Customs Board will register with the VAT for those companies that engage in economic activities or prove their commencement (§ 20 (4) of the Value Added Tax Act).

As a result, the registration of non-operating ready-made companies is usually not possible for the sale of companies by sellers of the companies.

It is possible to buy formerly operating companies, including VAT registered companies. In this case, the registration of the company as a VAT taxpayer will be retained.

Category: Tax

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