Entrepreneurial consultations: company formation, an address and contact person services, accounting, VAT number, etc. specifically in Estonia, in EU.

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Can I order the virtual office solution already before creating a company?

Indeed, a real address in Estonia and a contact person who resides in Estonia are prerequisites for establishing a company in Estonia, especially if one or more board members reside outside of Estonia.

Therefore, obtaining a real address in Estonia is a necessary step in the company formation process.

To facilitate the process, we offer two packages that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Package ONE provides customers with a real address in Estonia, which can be used for establishing a company, and other related services such as mail scanning and re-posting.

For customers requiring both a real address and a contact person residing in Estonia, we recommend Package TWO. This package includes a real address in Estonia and a contact person who can act as the company’s representative in Estonia.

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Refund policy

Since we offer services, not commodities, it is generally not possible. Exceptionally, for example, if a service has not yet been provided, cancellation of the order is possible.

Estonian law allows for the physical person the cancellation of the order within 14 days after the order is submitted if there is a reasonable basis and in the case of sales of goods. This requirement does not apply to the service already provided.

Note that your application must be made before the service duration has ended and you should not have unpaid bills. It is not possible to terminate the Contract prematurely.

Disputes are resolved by way of negotiations. Upon not reaching an agreement the dispute is resolved in the jurisdiction of the service provider. The litigation is based on the Estonian Law of Obligations Act (VÕS) in general and on transactions made through a computer network more narrowly ( § 62 1 ).

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What includes in our Virtual Office service?

The availability of services is contingent upon the selected package.

A legal address is required for corporate entities and up to a decision for individual entities.

Additionally, a contact person service is compulsory for companies or nonprofit associations whose board members reside outside of Estonia.

Our company provides assistance with establishing companies or nonprofit associations in Estonia, as well as accounting services that are tailored to the volume of business and can include VAT, EORI, and IOSS services, among others.

To obtain further information on our services, please refer to our e-shop. Each service contains a FAQ and detailed information on the inclusions of each product is available.

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How the address will be added to the company?

When establishing a company in the Estonian Business Register e-environment, it is the responsibility of the establisher or establishers to add the address, which will appear on the company foundation decision, articles of association, and the registry card.

It is possible to add a new address, such as the one we provide, to an existing company as well.

Instructions on how to add or change an address will be included in your order confirmation, which can be downloaded for your convenience. If you encounter any difficulties locating the instructions, please let us know, and we will resend them manually.

Please note that the aforementioned instructions apply if the establisher of the company or the owner/s has an Estonian e-residency card or other accepted digital ID solution. If this is not the case, a Power of Attorney or the presence of the individual at an Estonian Public Notary is required.

Our company is dedicated to helping our clients navigate these requirements, and we are available to provide assistance with all necessary steps.

Please take a closer look at our respective service:

Package ONE

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Where are the suggested addresses are located?

We have two addresses that we offer, both are in the city center, in prime locations, in Tallinn, European Union.

Addresses may be added and changed as the activity expands.

Juhkentali 8, Tallinn 10132

Tornimäe 7, Tallinn 10145

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