Entrepreneurial consultations: company formation, an address and contact person services, accounting, VAT number, etc. specifically in Estonia, in EU.

Refund policy

Since we offer services, not commodities, it is generally not possible. Exceptionally, for example, if a service has not yet been provided, cancellation of the order is possible.

Estonian law allows for the physical person the cancellation of the order within 14 days after the order is submitted if there is a reasonable basis and in the case of sales of goods. This requirement does not apply to the service already provided.

Note that your application must be made before the service duration has ended and you should not have unpaid bills. It is not possible to terminate the Contract prematurely.

Disputes are resolved by way of negotiations. Upon not reaching an agreement the dispute is resolved in the jurisdiction of the service provider. The litigation is based on the Estonian Law of Obligations Act (VÕS) in general and on transactions made through a computer network more narrowly ( § 62 1 ).

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