Entrepreneurial consultations: company formation, an address and contact person services, accounting, VAT number, etc. specifically in Estonia, in EU.

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Is offered address “virtual” or real?

The authenticity of an address is a crucial factor in various institutional settings, including the Estonian Business Registry, payment solution providers, and banks, among others.

It is important to note that these entities do not accept the use of “not real” or “virtual addresses.”

Therefore, it is recommended that individuals and companies provide accurate and verifiable address information when engaging in transactions with these institutions.

That’s what we are offering.

Please take a closer look at our respective service:

Package ONE

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Why I should need them?

This makes it possible to use these documents in other countries.

This package of documents will allow you, for example, to apply for opening an account with a foreign bank for your Estonian company or carry out transactions on behalf of the Estonian company in other countries.

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How quickly the service is activated?

Upon order and payment services are activated in 24 hours.

However, please note that in certain cases, such as when a signed contract and KYC documents are required, the activation of the service may be subject to the timely provision of these additional materials.

Our team will promptly inform you of any such requirements and work with you to ensure a smooth and efficient activation process.

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Can I order the virtual office solution already before creating a company?

Indeed, a real address in Estonia and a contact person who resides in Estonia are prerequisites for establishing a company in Estonia, especially if one or more board members reside outside of Estonia.

Therefore, obtaining a real address in Estonia is a necessary step in the company formation process.

To facilitate the process, we offer two packages that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Package ONE provides customers with a real address in Estonia, which can be used for establishing a company, and other related services such as mail scanning and re-posting.

For customers requiring both a real address and a contact person residing in Estonia, we recommend Package TWO. This package includes a real address in Estonia and a contact person who can act as the company’s representative in Estonia.

Please take a closer look at our respective service:

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