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Trademark registration


Product includes:

  • Preparing a registration application
  • Submitting it to Estonian Patent Office
  • Forwarding the certificate to the customer
  • Full TM search
  • Government fee (to one field)


  • The trademark registered in Estonia is the subject of legal protection throughout the European Union
  • The application process takes on average up to a year
  • Registrations are made on a first come first served basis
  • A certificate is issued upon registration of the trademark
  • If needed, reply to refusal on absolute grounds or reply to one opposition starts from  500 EUR

Trademark registration (5)

  1. Exclusive rights

    Once your Trademark is registered, you will have exclusive rights and no one else will be able to use the same mark. Trademark registration is one of the most powerful tools how companies are able to protect themselves from unfair competition and avoid that someone else will use their brand for business purposes. It is proven to be very useful to Fintech startups, because it is easier (and cheaper) to register your Trademark than to go to court and prove that someone has used your brand name if you haven’t registered Trademark. So far there are already several EU Members States (Estonia, Germany, Spain, etc.) who are checking EUIPO existing trademarks before registering a company. This means that if you have registered Trademark with your company name, no one else will be able to register a company with the same name, unless you will grant them permission. It is expected that with development of technologies, more EU Member States will start to check existing TM’s before approving company registration.

  2. Additional value to your company

    Trademark Registration significantly increases value of the company. This aspect is extremely important to companies who seek to receive funding from investors and they need to determine pre-seed value of the company. One of the key aspects which goes in to pre-money valuation is Protection of Intellectual Property. Before investors will invest in your business, they have to make sure that their investments will be protected and one of the best ways how to protect your brand is by Trademark Registration. It is proven that startups with registered Trademarks are valued higher than the ones who haven’t registered any Trademarks.

  3. Brand development

    With existing trademark which covers all EU, company will be able to develop business under the same name in all EU countries. This is very useful for startups who intend to start small and then scale their business. In startup environment where investor pitches are usually publicly available because they are streamed online, it is possible that someone will register a company with the same name in other Member State and later on will use it against you. This will cause problems for your business to expand to new market and it is possible that you will have to do it under different business name.

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Protected brand name for copies and imitations, distinguished business from others, prevention for third parties using your trademark without your consent and if they do so, the possibility to take legal actions against it.

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To be considered a permanent resident in Estonia, you must live in the country for at least 186 days each year due to personal or professional reasons.

You can provide various documents to prove your permanent residence, including a lease agreement signed for at least six months, an employment or service contract lasting for at least six months, proof of property ownership in Estonia, invoices in your name for utilities or fuel, evidence from a school or kindergarten if you have minor children, an annual report if you serve on an Estonian company’s board, transportation tickets with clear dates of stay, letters of explanation from people you live with, and other evidence showing your personal ties to Estonia.

If you provide an employment contract, a certificate of studying in Estonia, or a certificate of being in Estonian military service, one certificate is enough. However, for other evidence, such as a lease agreement, additional evidence must also be provided along with the lease agreement.

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The following forms of identification are permissible:

  • Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Belgian ID cards
  • Estonian e-resident cards
  • Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile IDs

However, it should be noted that legal statuses are subject to change over time. Therefore, it is imperative to remain vigilant and keep abreast of any such developments.

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For this purpose, we need to be given appropriate rights of representation by logging into the environment of the Tax and Customs Board.

This can be done with the Estonian e-residency card, ID card, Mobile ID, and Smart ID.

To get more information about all of these self-identification tools, please read the material in our FAQ environment.


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