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Background check


Product includes:

  • Personal Credit Report
  • Business Credit Report
  • Business owners
  • Business board members
  • Civil records
  • Criminal records
  • Address Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional Association Verification
  • Professional License Verification



  • The background check of Estonian natural- and legal persons
  • You can be anonymous for a person for whom we make the background check
  • Making a query about someone else requires the forename, surname, and personal ID code of that natural person or the name and Estonian Business Registry code of that legal person


Background check (2)

To clarify, this is not a background check related to obtaining an Estonian e-residency.

E-residency is a transnational digital identity designed to facilitate location-independent business administration. It provides access to secure and convenient digital services that enhance credibility and trust online. Please note that e-residency does not confer citizenship, tax residency, residence, or right of entry to Estonia or the European Union. It is not a visa or residence permit, and the e-resident digital-ID card does not function as a physical identification or travel document.

Applicants for e-residency are subject to a state fee. Depending on the selected pick-up location, additional fees may apply. If an office in Estonia is chosen as the pick-up location, there is no additional fee. If a foreign representation of Estonia is selected, an additional fee of 20 euros will be charged upon application. If the pick-up location in Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; or San Francisco, USA, an additional service fee will apply, which must be paid directly to the service provider upon collecting the document.

Please note that the Police and Border Guard Board conducts background checks on all e-residency applicants. More detailed information about applicable fees for each location is displayed upon selecting a specific pick-up location. The laws and regulations governing e-residency applications can be found in the Identity Documents Act and the State Fees Act. The terms and conditions for the use of personal identification documents of the Republic of Estonia can be accessed here.

For more information, please visit Police and Border Guard Board.

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Background check

Category: Background check
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Upon receipt of your order and payment, we request that you provide us with the necessary data to proceed with the background check.

We will conduct a thorough investigation by checking all relevant official registries in Estonia.

Upon completion of our investigation, we will compile the relevant data and prepare a comprehensive report which will be provided to you in PDF format.

Please take a closer look at our respective service:

Background check

Category: Background check
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