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What proves permanent residence in Estonia?

To be considered a permanent resident in Estonia, you must live in the country for at least 186 days each year due to personal or professional reasons.

You can provide various documents to prove your permanent residence, including a lease agreement signed for at least six months, an employment or service contract lasting for at least six months, proof of property ownership in Estonia, invoices in your name for utilities or fuel, evidence from a school or kindergarten if you have minor children, an annual report if you serve on an Estonian company’s board, transportation tickets with clear dates of stay, letters of explanation from people you live with, and other evidence showing your personal ties to Estonia.

If you provide an employment contract, a certificate of studying in Estonia, or a certificate of being in Estonian military service, one certificate is enough. However, for other evidence, such as a lease agreement, additional evidence must also be provided along with the lease agreement.

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