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The Public Notary in Estonia?

A Public Notary in Estonia is an intermediary between a physical or juridical person and the Estonian Business Registry.

You have the right to demand that a notary who has certified or confirmed the application for representation represent him or her in the administration of the court registry department, including forwarding documents (see also § 30 (2) – (21) and § 33 (1) of the Notaries Act).

If you want the notary to certify the substance of the application, the certification fee also includes legal consultation, preparation of a draft application, and information on how much you have to pay the state fee.

In addition, at the request of participants, a notary has the right and obligation to prepare and submit to the population register a notice of change of residence data and an application for an activity license, license, and registration specified in Annex 1 to the Notarial Regulations (see § 37 of the Notarial Regulations).

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