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Is Smart-ID also suitable for foreigners?

Smart-ID personal identification can be used today in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Anno 2023.

If you are an alien living in Estonia the options are:

  • Residents of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (incl. people staying here on the basis of a permanent residence permit) have a residence permit card. It allows you to create a Smart-ID account exactly as you would with an ID card: just follow the on-screen instructions. Your personal identification code is written on the residence card.
  • If you are a non-resident, ie a person who does not have a local personal identification code, it is not possible to create a Smart-ID account in Estonia and Latvia. However, it is possible to register a Smart-ID Basic account with limited rights in Lithuania by visiting the bank branch of Medicines Bankas, don’t forget to bring your identity documents!

Additional data: https://www.id.ee/en/article/smart-id

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Problem with ID Card usage?

Answers to all the most frequently asked questions about the electronic use of ID card and Mobile ID on the id.ee.

However, if your problem remains unsolved, please contact the ID Help Centre through the form here. The more precisely you describe your problem and the emergence of the situation, the more personalized assistance we can provide. All answers with easy steps and instructions that could help to resolve your problem will be sent to you in writing!

If our FAQ and overall manuals that you have been studying don’t give the solution for your problem, please contact directly the official government team.

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What is Digi-ID?

ID-card and Digi-ID are the easiest, most convenient and most secure methods of using Internet banking and other e-services in Estonia.

Digital identity card or Digi-ID is an ID card like a smart card, that you can use for authentication of the holder and giving digital signatures in an electronic environment. Also, encryption functionality is supported.

You can apply for Digi-ID if you are:

  • a citizen of the Republic of Estonia who has a valid ID card, or if you apply for Digi-ID along with the ID-card
  • an alien with a valid residence card/ID card, or if you apply for Digi-ID along with the e-residency card

You need the following to use the ID-card and Digi-ID electronic services:

  • ID-card software – download the software at the address installer.id.ee
  • PINs – issued with an ID card. In the event that you have lost the codes, you will be able to receive new codes from a serviced office of the Police and Border Guard Board or from Estonian foreign representations.
  • valid certificates – More details on whether your certificates are valid or need updating, as well as how to update the certificates, can be found here.
  • a computer with an internet connection
  • and a card reader – ask for one from a computer store or your local bank branch


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