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What is Digi-ID?

ID-card and Digi-ID are the easiest, most convenient and most secure methods of using Internet banking and other e-services in Estonia.

Digital identity card or Digi-ID is an ID card like a smart card, that you can use for authentication of the holder and giving digital signatures in an electronic environment. Also, encryption functionality is supported.

You can apply for Digi-ID if you are:

  • a citizen of the Republic of Estonia who has a valid ID card, or if you apply for Digi-ID along with the ID-card
  • an alien with a valid residence card/ID card, or if you apply for Digi-ID along with the e-residency card

You need the following to use the ID-card and Digi-ID electronic services:

  • ID-card software – download the software at the address installer.id.ee
  • PINs – issued with an ID card. In the event that you have lost the codes, you will be able to receive new codes from a serviced office of the Police and Border Guard Board or from Estonian foreign representations.
  • valid certificates – More details on whether your certificates are valid or need updating, as well as how to update the certificates, can be found here.
  • a computer with an internet connection
  • and a card reader – ask for one from a computer store or your local bank branch


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