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When should a legal address be changed in the Commercial Register?

To change a company’s address in the Commercial Register, you need to submit an application for amendments.

This is required when the legal address has changed, or the company no longer has the right to use it. If the new location is in a different city or county, you also need to amend the Articles of Association.

You’ll need to attach the amended Articles of Association and minutes of the General Meeting or the Decision of the Beneficiaries approving the AofA to the electronic application. When amending the Articles of Association, you’ll need to pay a state fee.

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Can I order a Virtual Office Service prior to establishing a company?


In fact, having a legal address and a contact person residing in Estonia are prerequisites for the establishment of an Estonian company, particularly when the board members are based outside of Estonia.

These requirements are compulsory in order to comply with Estonian business laws and regulations.

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How is the legal address registered for the company?

When establishing a company, the legal address is drawn up by the founder or founders in the process of establishing.

The address will be indicated also in the decision on the establishment of the company, the Articles of Association.

The address will be shown on the business registry registration card.

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Will I get a physical address in Estonia with e-Residency?

Unfortunately, the e-Residency status alone does not include the provision of a physical address in Estonia.

A stronger connection with Estonia is needed. Establishing a company is a very suitable solution for this. We can help with that. As well as with a contact person and a legal address service. These services will assist you in meeting the necessary requirements and ensuring compliance with the regulations of Estonia’s company registration process.

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