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How to change the Estonian company name in the Estonian business portal?

Periodically, companies may need to change their name, and there can be various reasons for doing so. Regardless of the reason, it is within a company’s rights to change its name. The process for changing the name of an Estonian company can be accomplished through the business registry using an e-Residency card, as well as with Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Belgium ID-Cards with Estonian and Lithuanian Mobile-ID.

To change the name of an Estonian company, follow these steps:

  1. Visit rik.ee.
  2. Log in to the Estonian company portal.
  3. Select the name of your Estonian company.
  4. Initiate the alteration petition.

To begin, navigate to the “Business name” tab and select the desired new company name. It is advisable to verify that the new name is available. Fortunately, the system automatically checks for the existence of similarly named companies or any registered trademarks under a similar name.

Next, upload the required documentation by accessing the “Add Documents” tab. This documentation includes the updated articles of association of the company and the shareholder decision of the meeting, which must be digitally signed. In most cases, the signature of one member of the management board is sufficient, but additional approval may be necessary if your company’s articles of association include this clause in its representation rights.

To update the articles of association, copy the existing version from the business registry and paste it into a Word file. Make the necessary name changes and convert the document back to a PDF file. Sign it with the e-Residency card and upload the signed documents to the business registry.

Following these steps will successfully change the name of an Estonian company.

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