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Accounting (3)

During the term of the contract, the accountant has the obligation to provide the accounting service in accordance with the applicable legislation, which also implies the obligation to keep the accounting records. After the expiry of the contract, the contracting authority shall have the right to require the accounting officer to keep the documents or to return them, thereby transferring the obligation to retain the documents to the contracting authority.

Specifically for the service we offer, the raw data is stored in web based accounting software from which all parties can check and download it.

Category: Accounting
Client and accountant together.
The client is responsible for ensuring that the raw data provided is true and the accountant is responsible for ensuring that the raw data has been used lawfully according to law.
Category: Accounting

We accept the source documents in Estonian and English language.

There are certain restrictions for source documents, take a look at information about requirements.

Category: Accounting