How the process will lookout with LEI code?

As part of our services, we are authorized to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code on your behalf.

This process involves the allocation of a unique code to your legal entity, which facilitates identification and tracking within financial transactions.

The price is the annual payment.

The LEI code application process can be conveniently carried out remotely, provided that you possess an e-residency card. Alternatively, we can obtain the LEI code on your behalf through a Power of Attorney arrangement, which grants us legal authorization to act on your behalf.

By entrusting us with the task of obtaining an LEI code, you can rest assured that the process will be carried out efficiently and effectively, with all necessary legal and regulatory requirements met.

Our team of experts possesses the requisite knowledge and expertise to ensure that the LEI code obtained is both accurate and compliant with applicable regulations.