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Power of Attorney process?

  1. We email you the Power of Attorney.
  2. You send us the POA and copy of the Passport once notarized and legalized.
    • Notarization: Take the Power of Attorney and Passport to your nearer Notary Public.
    • Legalization: After the documents have been notarized, they require legalization.
    • You can ask your notary if they can also take care of the legalization and send the documents by post. If not, you can legalize and post it yourself.
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Is the shareholder list also Apostilled?

An unofficial document is not certified by a Notary.

In Estonia, the list of shareholders is maintained by board members and has no official meaning. The information provided in the registry card is of official significance to the shareholders.

But we can translate it with a sworn translator.

How do we get a shareholder list?

A sample will be included with your order, which you can fill out with your details and then send it back to us.

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Why I should need them?

This makes it possible to use these documents in other countries.

This package of documents will allow you, for example, to apply for opening an account with a foreign bank for your Estonian company or carry out transactions on behalf of the Estonian company in other countries.

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What is an apostille?

Apostille proves the authenticity of the document.

The person who signs the document and makes a national public document of one country available to a foreign country that is a party to the relevant international convention (the list of the convicted states can be consulted on the convention website.

Only Public Notaries draw up public documents for the Republic of Estonia. A notary cannot certify with an apostille a document that he has certified or authenticated.

Therefore, two notaries must be used. Later, the document must also be translated into a suitable language by a sworn translator.

Check out our corresponding service:

Apostilled Documents

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