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How is the legal address registered for the company?

When establishing a company, the legal address is drawn up by the founder or founders in the e-Business Register.

The address will be indicated in the decision on the establishment of the company, the Articles of Association, as well as in the registration card.

The software guarantees that only real addresses are added. A step-by-step guide is added to your order confirmation.

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Will I get a physical address in Estonia with e-Residency?

Unfortunately, the e-Residency status alone does not include the provision of a physical address in Estonia.

A stronger connection with Estonia is needed. Establishing a company is a very suitable solution for this. We can help with that. As well as with a contact person and a legal address service. These services will assist you in meeting the necessary requirements and ensuring compliance with the regulations of Estonia’s company registration process.

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Why there is a need for the address?

As a physical or juridical person, the utilization of an address is essential for various reasons.

For physical persons, an address provides a means to receive letters, small packages, and other physical mail. Additionally, for individuals seeking to launch their own businesses, it is mandatory to have an address for establishing a company in Estonia.

For juridical persons utilizing a professional address can increase the credibility and professionalism of a business and make it more approachable to potential clients. It also provides a location for official correspondence and legal documentation, making it easier for companies to stay on top of important matters.

In addition to these benefits, an address can also help companies comply with legal requirements. For example, certain types of businesses may need to have a physical address in order to obtain necessary licenses and permits. By having a registered address, companies can avoid potential legal issues and ensure that they are operating in accordance with the law.

Overall, whether you are a physical or juridical person, utilizing an address can provide numerous benefits for both personal and professional use. From receiving physical mail to establishing a professional presence, an address is a crucial component of any successful business or personal venture.

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Where is the utility bill?

The corresponding document will be sent to you together with the order confirmation. Via e-mail.

Also a contract. Please review your order confirmation carefully.

Digitally sign the agreement and send it back to us. Then we can move forward together.

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Proof of address with shared office rental

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Does the address service give the right to register in the Estonian population register?

It should be noted that immediate registration in the population register is not possible for foreign nationals.

However, our address service can serve as a preliminary step in this process. The recommended order for address registration is as follows: the address, followed by the company, then the business, and finally, a residence in Estonia for at least 6 months per year.

One viable option for foreign nationals seeking registration in the population register is to purchase real estate in Estonia and reside in the country for at least 6 months.

Subsequently, they may submit an application to the local government in the region where they reside in order to initiate the registration process.

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