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How can I register for residence?

You must submit a notice of residence to the city or rural municipality government of your place of residence.

A notice of residence can be submitted:

  • in the e-population register. You can also view the information and status of the notice of residence you already submitted there in the e-population register.
  • by sending a digitally signed e-mail to the city or rural municipality government of your place of residence (to the city district government in Tallinn)
  • by sending a regular letter to the city or rural municipality government of your place of residence, adding a copy of the side of your identity document that shows personal data to the notice of residence
  • at the city or rural municipality government.

Printable and digitally fillable form of notice of residence is available on the homepage of the Ministry of the Interior.

Entering additional addresses in the population register

If you use several residences permanently, you must select one which is going to be entered as the residential address with legal effect (main residence) to the population register.

Other residences can be submitted to the population register as additional addresses.

You have an obligation pursuant to law to make sure your residence address in the Population Register is correct

When you are changing your residence in Estonia, relocating to a foreign country, or relocating from a foreign country to Estonia, you need to submit a notice of residence to register a new place of residence in the Population Register.

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Is there also a payment link solution?

Of course, there is such a solution. In case there are difficulties logging into the client’s environment or there is no need for it.

We use STRIPE payment links, which are personal for each service, as well as the Paypal QR payment link, where you can determine the amount to be paid according to the desired service.

Paypal payment QR link:

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How is the legal address registered for the company?

When establishing a company, the legal address is drawn up by the founder or founders in the e-Business Register.

The address will be indicated in the decision on the establishment of the company, the Articles of Association, as well as in the registration card.

The software guarantees that only real addresses are added. A step-by-step guide is added to your order confirmation.

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