Entrepreneurial consultations: company formation, an address and contact person services, accounting, VAT number, etc. specifically in Estonia, in EU.

Ready made company


Product includes:

  • The price includes one year of address service
  • The price includes one year of contact person service
  • Public Notary fee
  • State fee
  • Possibility to change the company’s business name, field of activity


Ready-made companies are inactive corporate organizations that have passed state registration and have all the necessary details for the implementation of their activities. Of course there is no debts or other liabilities.

Benefits of the company in Estonia are:

  • 0% corporate income tax from profits retained and reinvested
  • A company in one day, establishing is done online
  • 100% online management, digitally sign documents, declare taxes, conduct banking, and submit annual reports, etc
  • All services and official registers are in English
  • Simplified Commercial Code and accounting rules
  • Integration into EU jurisdiction and the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Professional support that will help you set up your company efficiently and smoothly
  • Bunch of additional services

In order to buy a company as soon as possible and reduce your stay in Estonia, we will need to have all the necessary information and prepare the documents in advance.

Before coming to Estonia to buy a Company, please send the following information:

  • Intended date of your visit
  • Owners/Beneficiaries of a Company
  • Name of a Company Director

After receiving the necessary information, we will make an appointment with a notary and will prepare all necessary documents.

Ready made company transfer to a new owner via Power of Attorney will cost additionally 300 EUR

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