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VAT number registration in Estonia?

Сompany registration process involves various legal aspects regulated by Estonian legislation. Among which is VAT registration being essential in some cases. In this article, we consider when you should register VAT for your company and how to do so.

The process

First and foremost, сompanies are obliged to register a VAT number in a case when sales in Estonia exceed 40,000 EUR from the beginning of the calendar year. If sales do not exceed 40,000 EUR in Estonia, VAT payers can be registered on a voluntary basis.


The general VAT rate is 20% in case your OÜ provides services to clients. It also could be reduced in some particular cases. For example, if your company deals with providing accommodation services, book sales of books, or medical services/products. If you serve customers in third countries or another EU country, 0% VAT is applied.

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