Additional services

At the moment we are offering additionally a number of services what we think might our customers need.

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Accounting for micro- and small companies. We are using online e-accounting solutions.

Online accounting is a convenient bookkeeping method for companies that need constant access to their financial details and reporting facilities. The software is easy to use and it helps save time and resources by making any repetitive operations redundant since many of the processes have been automated.

Our service is meant for general financial accounting, inventory, payroll processing, and personnel administration. The service is suitable for smaller or larger enterprises that need constant and direct access to their accounting data.

Online accounting services are especially convenient for e-residents who run their business in Estonia but reside themselves abroad.

Help with a formation and registering a company

Instruction manual (detailed information about how to establish a company in Estonia) and assisting with electronic registration (step by step guide).

Background check

Real estate, assets, shares, civil and criminal records etc. Know Your Estonian business partner.

Assistance in applying for a VAT number

Consultations and assistance in the execution of documents. Support throughout the process of VAT registration.

Data protection specialist

If your authority or company is required to appoint a data protection specialist under the EU General Data Protection Act, this should be done. We can help.

Licenses / permits

We offer our assistance in applying for most of the licenses and practice permits needed for the economic activity.

Apostille and certified translation of company documents

Apostille and certified translation of company documents include a number of strictly defined formal procedures for endowing a document with legal force in the territory of another state. The main rule of legalisation is that the procedure of legalisation itself is carried out exclusively in the territory of the state where the document was issued or made legal and performed by its sworn translator.

Translation of a power of attorney from English to Estonian.


Farooq Hassan


Help us! What additional services should we offer?