Additional services

Mail forwarding

  • only for package ONE, packages TWO and THREE have mail forwarding in regular price

Mail sorting and forwarding via e-mail. We will open the letters, scan them and forward them to your e-mail address

Price: 0,10 EUR per page

we will forward all unopened letters to you by post

Price: 0,25 EUR per letter

Adds cost of postage (DHL etc.)

Setting up company in Estonia

After receiving your digital ID card, you can immediately start the process of establishing your company – online!

  • Become an e-resident
  • Obtain a legal address
  • Register your company
  • Pay the state fee and receive confirmation

Acquiring Estonian ID card

Estonian ID card is related and connected with famous Estonian e-residency

Estonian ID card can be used as a national ID card for legal travel within the EU but from a business perspective more important is that it can be used for digital signing. As a digital signature equals a notarized signature, it gives you a possibility to communicate with government institutions and also sign documents without being in Estonia.

In order to apply for an ID card, one has to have a permanent address in Estonia.

We can help with that.


  • Application processing period is 30 days
  • Once you have submitted your application, the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will conduct your background check to ensure the safety and trust of the e-Residency programme
  • The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board may request further information during the background check
  • After the background check has been completed, you will be notified by email whether your application is approved
  • If you are granted e-Residency, you will be invited to pick up your digital ID card from your chosen location
e-Residency makes it possible to establish, register, and manage an EU based company 100% online from anywhere in the world? Now you can run your business from where you choose, without the need to hire a local director or pay expensive courier fees to sign a document.


Order high quality translation at a favourable price.
Experienced translators. 24-hour service. Quality Guarantee.

The competence of all translators has been checked and evaluated.
Make a quote for multiple translators, choose the most affordable one !

Authorized contact person

Take closer look

Virtual Office in Estonia has a licence (licence no FIU000051) to be an authorized contact person.

Background check in Estonia

Real estate, assets, shares, civil and criminal records etc.

Office space

Will be soon.


Will be soon.


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