Additional services

At the moment we are offering additionally a number of services:


Accounting for micro- and small companies.

We also arrange accounting for previous periods and prepare separate annual reports.

Background check

Real estate, assets, shares, civil and criminal records etc.

Know your Estonian business partner.

VAT number

Preparation and submission of application documents.

The VAT registration obligation in Estonia arises from the moment when the company’s sales turnover exceeds 40 000 EUR per the calendar year. At the same time, the company may apply for VAT status before it reaches this amount if the business model needs it.

Data protection specialist

Sometimes your company is required to appoint a data protection specialist under the EU General Data Protection Act.

Licenses / permits

We offer our assistance in applying for most of the licenses and practice permits needed for the economic activity.

Trademark registration

Trademark is a sign used in trade to identify products and services. Your trademark is the sign that your customers use to pick you out and to find your product or service among other offers.

LEI number

LEI, or Legal Entity Identifier, is a unique identifier for persons that are legal entities or structures including companies, charities and trusts. The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code, to uniquely identify legally distinct entities that engage in financial transactions.

If you are a corporate trader and your company is trading, let’s say, with a FCA or CySEC licensed broker and, you have to submit your LEI number in order to be properly identified in transaction reports submitted by the broker to their regulator.

Apostille and certified translation of company documents

Apostille and certified translation of company documents include a number of strictly defined formal procedures for endowing a document with legal force in the territory of another state.

The main rule of legalisation is that the procedure of legalisation itself is carried out exclusively in the territory of the state where the document was issued or made legal and performed by its sworn translator.

Transactions in Estonian Commercial Registry

Exchange of management board member, change of address, decision of shareholders etc.

Virtual assistant

Skilled virtual workers in social media, administrative, customer service, writing, tech support, telemarketing and many other areas.

Office space

Suitable office space for an hour, a couple of hours, a day and longer.
We will find the right surface for your needs.

A company liquidation

You are tired of your company, you want to give it up quickly. We will help. We will buy your old company and finish it.

A residence registration

Official residence registration in Tallinn City Hall in Estonia

Help us! What additional services should we offer?