Data protection specialist

If your authority or company is required to appoint a data protection specialist under the EU General Data Protection Act, this should be done. As DPO service.

A Data Protection Specialist can be set up through an Estonia Commercial Registry. This can be done by the company’s official representative. For the data protection specialist, you need to know first and last name and personal identification code or date of birth.

What are the tasks of the data protection specialist?

The tasks of the data protection specialist are generally described in Article 39 of the Regulation.

These tasks are:

  • inform and advise the controller or processor and employees processing personal data in relation to their obligations under the General Data Protection Act and other data protection rules of the European Union or the Member States
  • observe the principles of data protection, other data protection rules of the Union or the Member States and the principles of protection of personal data of the controller or processor, including the allocation of responsibilities, awareness-raising and training of personnel involved in the processing of personal data, and related audits
  • advise on and monitor the functioning of the data protection impact assessment
  • cooperate with the supervisory authority
  • act as contact point for matters relating to the processing of personal data for the supervisory authority, including the prior consultation referred to in Article 36, and, where appropriate, for other matters