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How do get a post from the address?

The level of service provided by our company depends on the specific package ordered by the customer.

For Package ONE, letters and mail will be scanned or re-posted, in accordance with the terms of the agreement. In the case of small parcels, they will be re-posted to the designated destination. Postal costs will be added to the total fee for letter and parcel forwarding, based on the destination.

For Package TWO and Package THREE, a certain amount of posts, letters, and parcels are included in the package price, free of charge. We encourage customers to review the package details for further information.

Once the letter or parcel has been received, it will be scanned or forwarded as agreed.

Postal costs will be added and they depend on the agreed transport method. If it has not already been done, it means that it has not been received by us. Please check the sending route from the sender.

Please note that for all packages, there is no hand-to-hand forwarding available.

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