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When should a legal address be changed in the Commercial Register?

To change a company’s address in the Commercial Register, you need to submit an application for amendments.

This is required when the legal address has changed, or the company no longer has the right to use it. If the new location is in a different city or county, you also need to amend the Articles of Association.

You’ll need to attach the amended Articles of Association and minutes of the General Meeting or the Decision of the Beneficiaries approving the AofA to the electronic application. When amending the Articles of Association, you’ll need to pay a state fee.

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What to do with negative share capital?

The Estonian Commercial Code states that it needs to be raised.

If a private limited company has less than half of its share capital or less than the amount of share capital specified in § 136 of this Code or the other minimum amount of share capital provided by the law, the shareholders shall decide:

1) Reduction or increase of share capital

2) The dissolution, merger, division or transformation of a private limited company

3) Submission of a bankruptcy petition

We can help with the terminal liquidation process.

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