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In what form are the documents of incorporation handed over?

If a company or non profit association is established remotely, no documents will be received on paper immediately.

Each founder can download and print copies of the commercial register free of charge.

In the exceptional case, if the incorporation takes place with a Public Notary, then the verified documents on paper can also be received immediately.

If there is a need to use these papers abroad, they must be legalized through the apostille:

Apostilled Documents

All information, founding documents, statutes, annual reports, court decisions, etc. are publicly available from the e-environment of the business registry.

Additional info:

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Is it necessary to add additional documents?

If the company already exists, the decision of the shareholder or shareholders to change the address and/or contact person must also be included in the change statement to the business register additionally.

If the address given in the articles of association changes within the administrative unit, the articles of association must also be amended.

You can compile them yourself, use the automatic forms in the business register or order them from us. To do this, you need to order a document service.


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State fee to change the business registry data?

When changing company data in the business register, a state fee must be paid for the actions.

During the final phase of the application submission process in the Register, bank account, and reference number information is provided.

There is also an option to pay instantly using bank links.

It should be noted that failure to pay the state fee will result in the application not being processed.

Should any obstacles arise during the payment process, we offer a specialized service free of charge to assist with payment.

State fee for registry entry

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