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What is a company’s annual report?

An annual report is the company’s financial statement of the past financial year.

All legal entities need to submit an annual report in Estonia – which of course includes companies owned by e-residents. Under the Commercial Code (see § 60), it’s mandatory to submit the report even if the company doesn’t have any activities during the financial year. It must be prepared in Estonian and in the official currency (EUR).

The deadline is six months after the financial year is over. Usually at late last day of June. But it is always wise to do it early.

The annual report can be submitted remotely if you have an Estonian e-residency card, Estonian ID card, Estonian Mobile ID or Smart ID. In other cases, the services of a public notary must be used.

All, but micro-enterprises must also include the management report. Larger companies must submit a cash flow statement and a statement of changes in equity. In certain cases, an auditor’s evaluation is mandatory.

Keep in mind that anyone can access the management reports. Therefore, consider carefully what the report contains.

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What reports must be shown in the annual report?

The information you need to provide in the annual report depends on the size of the company.

For example, micro- and small businesses are required to provide a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow report, activity report, and specifically required notes: accounting principles, number of employees, and information about related parties.

Our customers are mostly micro and small companies.

A micro-enterprise is a private limited company with total assets of up to 175 thousand euros, liabilities not exceeding equity, and annual sales revenue of up to 50 thousand euros. The micro-enterprise has one shareholder who is also a member of the management board. The micro-enterprise does not have to submit an activity report in the annual report and the number of annexes is also minimal.

A small company is a company with total assets of up to 4 million euros, annual sales of up to 8 million euros, and an average number of employees of up to 50 people, one of which may be exceeded.

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What are annual report deadlines in Estonia?

In most cases, the financial year is the same as the calendar year in which case the deadline is the last day of June.

In special cases, a different period may be set for the financial year.

Submitting an annual report is mandatory for all the companies registered in Estonia, within 6 months from the end of the company’s financial year.

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