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Liquidation steps?

There exist mandatory steps that must be undertaken in accordance with the law, pertaining to the liquidation of a company.

These steps include the following:

  1. A liquidation decision must be made by the members of the board. This decision will be legally signed and subsequently submitted to the Estonian business registry through the e-business registry environment. Although this process may also be carried out through a Power of Attorney, utilizing the services of an e-notary, it is recommended that the e-business registry is utilized.
  2. Notification of the liquidation process must be made available in the Government’s official notices center, which can be accessed at www.ametlikudteadaanded.ee.
  3. Preparation of the final balance sheet is required as part of the liquidation process.
  4. A decision to delete the company or any other relevant legal entity from the Estonian business registry must be made in accordance with legal requirements.

By adhering to these mandatory steps, entities can ensure that their liquidation process is carried out in compliance with legal requirements and regulations, ultimately minimizing any potential legal implications or consequences.

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