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How to start with the SIM Card?

To commence usage of the prepaid card, simply insert the SIM card into your mobile device, turn it on, and enter the designated PIN code of 0000.

The usage time of the card commences upon activation, which is achieved by initiating a call.

Roaming capabilities have been enabled within Estonia, providing further convenience and ease of use for travelers and locals alike.

The starter kit for the prepaid card includes an initial balance of 1 EUR. The card remains active for a period of 180 days from the day of activation or top-up with a minimum of 3 EUR.

After the 180-day period has lapsed, the card will still enable the user to answer incoming calls, read messages, make calls to the Estonian emergency number 112, and top up the card for an additional 30 days.

This arrangement affords users greater flexibility and autonomy in managing their communication needs.

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