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How to give the accountant representation rights at the Tax and Customs Board?

Necessary to submit tax returns on behalf of the company.

Login to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Choose your company.

On the left side, there will be “Settings”, follow these steps:

Access Permissions -> Access permissions of representatives> New Access permission.

There is necessary to add the identification code of the representative there. That’s 11253141 for that.

The following page opens, where you can add an expiration date if necessary.

Additional data

  • If you want to add access rights as a package eg Accountant Package, Customs Package, Excise Package, Send data through system-to-system interface, etc., you need just to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on search. Five packages appear. Please mark the desired package (s) and click on add.
  • If you want to add separate access permissions, you must select the separate access permissions tab. The most exploitable access permissions are in the “over areas ” area
  • If you want to add user management permissions, select the separate permissions tab, enter “right” in the name box to simplify the search, and press the search button. There appear several access permissions. The permission you need to add in such a case is: “The right of the representative of the legal person to administer the user rights of applications”.

Comprehensive and bulky manual: https://www.emta.ee/eng/information-and-news-e-mta/instructions-using-e-services/access-permissions-and-authorisations-e-mta

Video manual


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