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Power of Attorney process?

  1. We email you the Power of Attorney.
  2. You send us the POA and copy of the Passport once notarized and legalized.
    • Notarization: Take the Power of Attorney and Passport to your nearer Notary Public.
    • Legalization: After the documents have been notarized, they require legalization.
    • You can ask your notary if they can also take care of the legalization and send the documents by post. If not, you can legalize and post it yourself.
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How to give representation rights in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board?

An authorization is a collection of rights within the limits of which a representative may act on behalf of the principal.

It is essential for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board that the content of authorization would be understandable and the person granting the authorization and the authorized person would be identifiable.

The main and also the most convenient and practical way to transfer the right of representation is to do it through a suitable digital identification channel. These are Mobile ID, Estonian ID, e-resident ID, and Smart ID. European Union country ID cards are also suitable. It is important to have the right to log in to the systems of the Estonian state.

If necessary, other less convenient and more expensive methods can also be used: power of attorney, lawyer’s client agreement, etc.

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What are other possibilities for NPA formation?

Registration through a Public Notary in place or with a power of attorney comes at different prices:

  • Nonprofit association formation via Public Notary – 190 EUR
  • Nonprofit association formation by a Power of Attorney – 390 EUR

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