Letters and parcels scanning and forwarding


Service includes:

  • Notification, when a letter has arrived (via e-mail)
  • Scan on envelopes (will be open upon customer request)
  • Scan of content
  • Delivering scanned items to the customer via e-mail

Scanning and forwarding (via e-mail) price: 0,25 EUR per page

We can also forward all unopened letters to you by post via regular mail service


  • Min and max sizes for letters: 90 x 140 mm and 229 x 324 x 5 mm
  • Max weight: up to 250 g
  • The letter arrives: Within 3–5 working days.

Forwarding price for letters:

  • I Zone – 5 EUR

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Russia.

  • II Zone – 10 EUR

The rest of the world


Forwarding price:

  • I Zone – starting from 15 EUR
  • II Zone – starting from 25 EUR

Please contact us for precise price calculation.