Company formation

Product description

Help with a formation and registering a company in Estonia.

Product includes:

  • Instruction manual
  • Assisting with electronic registration


Product doesn’t include help with an opening bank account in Estonia.

Banks are run by private sector and thus bank accounts are not automatically included with the e-Residency programme or with a business established by e-Residents. The reason a business bank account is not automatically included within the e-Residency package is because the decision to extend or deny banking services to anyone, whether e-resident or not, is made at the sole discretion of the banks themselves.

For your business you currently have 3 options to choose from: apply for an Estonian bank account, apply for a Fintech company business account or apply for a foreign bank account for your Estonian OÜ.

The two most popular banks for e-residents in Estonia are LHV and Swedbank.

LHV is an Estonian banking and financial services company headquartered in Tallinn, while Swedbank is a Nordic-Baltic banking group based in Stockholm, Sweden with a significant presence in Estonia.

E-residents can easily and securely manage their accounts with either bank by logging in with their e-Residency ID from anywhere in the world.

E-Residency programme has partnered with the Finnish company Holvi.

To apply for the Holvi account for e-Residents, you will need to have already obtained the e-Residency digi-ID and registered your company in Estonia.


Your company needs to have an Estonian address and if the management board of a company is located in a foreign country, a contact person. 

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