We are ready to offer our clients the full range of accounting services 100 % online

The entire service is done via the Internet, as online e-accounting. Our client can at any time see their company’s accounting status, balance sheet etc.

Our service is based on an individual approach for our customer needs.

We are also ready to provide beneficial services for our accounting clients, as:

What are the benefits of online e-accounting ?

  • Flexible – quickly customizable, according to the needs of companies operating in different sectors and with different requirements.
  • Functional – software modules for general financial accounting, inventory, payroll or personnel administration can be used together or independently.
  • User friendly – simple and efficient to use.
  • Current – provides direct access to accounting data 24 hours a day.
  • Automatic – repetitive processes have been streamlined and automated.
  • Trustworthy – simple to avoid and find any faults caused by human errors.
  • Secure – the database is located in a reliable and secure server.
  • Convenient – clear and easy to divide various tasks among several people, both within the company and between the customer company and the accounting office.

Monthly accounting – starting from 59 EUR/month

  • Access to the online accounting software
  • TSD declaration
  • KMD declaration
  • 10 transactions and entries
  • Annual raport is included

Price list for basic services:

Number of entries Price per month
6-10 59 EUR
11-25 89 EUR
26-50 109 EUR
51-…. 150 EUR-…. EUR (ask for a price offer)

There are 2 entries for one invoice, 4 entries for VAT. 

Therefore, if your company has 20 invoices per month, then 20 × 2 or 40 entries.

When you are liable for VAT, 20 invoices are 80 entries and priced at 64 € + VAT. Entries resulting from bank transactions will be added to the price.

There are 2 entries for each transaction. * 1 original document (checks, invoices, contracts) equals 2 entries, cost entry and debt entry. The cost entry enters the expense into the account and is recognized in the profit and loss account.

Debt entry reduces cash or bank balance, debt statement is reflected in the balance sheet (in the balance sheet is the assets and liabilities of the company, expenses and income in the profit and loss account).

* VAT payers add 2 entries for each transaction (purchasers’ advances – sales invoices or invoices from suppliers, and another entry for VAT payment). Therefore, each transaction (i.e., a sales invoice) means at least 4 entries for a taxable person, in some specific cases even more.

Annual accounting – 200 EUR/year

If you are not VAT obligator (annual turnover less than 40K) and you don’t pay monthly salaries and have low amount transactions (up till 20 in a month), then you might need accounting once in a year just for the annual report.

Basic services:

  1. Accounting procedures pursuant to valid law of the Republic of Estonia and good accounting practice
  2. Verification of accounting evidences and entering in the database required (daily journal, main ledger)
  3. Accounting of fixed assets
  4. Pay-roll accounting
  5. Purchase and sale ledger
  6. Settlement of accounts with the persons liable to reporting
  7. VAT accounting and producing of tax returns
  8. Out-prints from accounting registers created
  9. Tax accounting and producing of tax returns for the IRS