Starting an Estonian company remotely

There is no need always to visit personally Estonia to establish here a company.

To become a shareholder, management board member and corporate bank account user of an Estonian company we need 3 documents:

  1. Power of attorney (POA) for buying shares of the Estonian company and identifying itself in a local bank
  2. Petition for filing new management board members in the Estonian Commercial Register.
  3. Passport copy

These documents must be certified by a notary and depending on what country notary you used these documents might need to be apostilled or legalised.

In the case of corporate shareholder

If the shareholder will be legal person, then also POA from company must be issued.

We also need a company registry card with company basic data .

The official registry documents of a foreign company must contain at least the following information:

  • The name of the company
  • Registry code
  • Address
  • The names, birth dates or personal codes of the directors or board members
  • Representation rights of directors (jointly or separately)